$70,000 In Major Support Saves Umbilical Cord Blood Units

Major grants from the San Diego Foundation donor-advised funds supported by Audrey Geisel and John and Dorothy Helm have made it possible for the blood bank to save approximately 1,000 umbilical cord blood units.  This represents 40% of its inventory of this special type of blood. 

The blood bank used the gifts to order a sophisticated liquid nitrogen freezer for storing cord blood at temperatures lower than minus 150˚ Celsius.  The support arrived just in time to allow the safe move of the units from the old Upas Street building to the Cell Therapy Center located at the new headquarters.

Cord blood units are currently listed on the National Marrow Donor Program registry to be searched for possible transplant matches for patients with leukemia and other diseases or conditions.  Saving 1,000 cord blood units meant preventing the loss of up to 1,000 potentially life-saving patient matches.

Audrey Geisel is the president of the Dr. Seuss Foundation, which has generously granted funds to the San Diego Blood Bank on many past occasions.  Mr. and Mrs. Helm have also been generous and extraordinarily faithful donors, for more than fifteen years.

 Liquid nitrogen tank used to help store cord blood at temperatures lower than minus 150 degrees Celsius.