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"All of Us" Invites You to Give the Gift of Research

As a blood donor, you are already giving the gift of life. With one donation, you can save up to three lives! Now you have the opportunity to expand that gift even further by participating in a historic research program that will help transform the lives of millions more people in generations to come.

San Diego Blood Bank has partnered with the All of Us Research Program, a monumental effort by the National Institutes of Health to engage more than one million people from diverse communities across the United States. By gathering health data—in the form of surveys, blood samples and electronic medical records—from groups of people who have been historically left out of medical research, All of Us is providing researchers with valuable information that will help them uncover patterns of disease. This can help the research community make groundbreaking discoveries that can lead to new treatments and prevention strategies.

By partnering with All of Us, San Diego Blood Bank is making it seamless for blood donors to be a part of something even bigger with their blood donation. No extra appointment time, needles, or blood required. And no less blood will go to patients in need here in San Diego! With every blood donation, we take a small amount to check your blood type and test that it’s safe to donate to others in need. A portion of this blood can be donated to the All of Us Research Program.

Plus, in addition to your lifesaving donation, through your All of Us blood sample, you can receive genetic ancestry, trait, and health-related results that can help you learn about your past and prepare for your future.

The benefits are endless. You’ve already shown your interest in helping others. Why stop now?

Learn more and join All of Us today!

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