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First Blog Post

Thank you for visiting our new blog

A little bit about us

Thank you for checking out our very first blog post!

Since 1950, our work at San Diego Blood Bank has provided hospitals in the Southern California region with quality blood services and products. While we strive to save lives today and improve life tomorrow, we’re always looking for better ways to communicate about the positive impact of giving blood.

Why a blog, and why now?

Engaging with you in person and through our email and social media outreach has been fun, but we noticed something was missing. We want a way to share greater education and an inside look as to what we do here at the San Diego Blood Bank, in a way that’s timely and convenient. Ultimately, we want you to understand more about the blood donating process and your health.

We want to serve as your one stop shop in getting all the right information you need to feel prepared and ready to give blood. This blog will act as a helpful resource for us all.

What will readers get from staying tuned?

We’re connectors and storytellers, so you’ll see a great deal of inspiration from patients who have benefited from your blood donations. On the flip side, you’ll see stories from dedicated blood donors, who tell why they come back to Donor Centers or bloodmobiles to give. We can’t forget about our amazing volunteers and supporters. Not everyone can donate blood but there are a handful of ways to be a part of a grand lifesaving mission.

You’ll hear from our expert staff and special guests on everything from basic blood facts to why even bother donating?

Thank you for stopping by and we look forward to saving more lives together.