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Cushman Foundation Presents Lead Gift for New San Diego Blood Bank Bloodmobile

Cushman Foundation Members Presented San Diego Blood Bank with a Check for $50,000 in support of SDBB's Mobile Blood Collection Program

The Cushman Foundation presented a check for $50,000 to San Diego Blood Bank which serves as the lead gift for SDBB’s new bloodmobile campaign. 
This $50,000 gift is the Cushman Foundation’s largest contribution in its 25-year giving history to San Diego Blood Bank. The lead gift kicks off SDBB’s fundraising for the Campaign for Life to raise $380,000.00 for a new bloodmobile that will help to save thousands of lives over its lifespan.

SDBB hosts over 1,600 mobile blood drives annually in partnership with the community. Bloodmobiles make it possible for SDBB to meet blood donors in their communities, who in turn, help build our robust blood supply for patients in need. Bloodmobiles make it possible for blood donors who have time constraints or lack of transportation to equally participate in giving blood to save lives. 

Thank you to the Cushman Foundation for your investment in community health and your long-time partnership.

Photo caption: CEO Doug Morton and members of the Financial Development Team accept a $50,000 check from the Cushman Foundation on Friday, October 21, 2022, at SDBB’s Gateway Donor Center and Headquarters.
(L - R) Abby Galdamez-Development Coordinator-SDBB, Doug Morton-CEO-SDBB, Marjorie Cushman-Cushman Foundation, Lori Moore-Cushman Foundation, Cherryl Castro-Lector-Director of Development-SDBB, Lauren Torres-Development Manager of Annual Giving-SDBB)

To learn about SDBB's Campaign for Life to fund a new bloodmobile and to make a financial gift, visit

For more information about philanthropy, corporate partnerships, and ways to give, please contact Cherryl Castro-Lector, Director of Development, at or call (619) 400-8188.

San Diego Blood Bank (SDBB) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization also operating as Southern California Blood Bank. The Blood Bank serves hospitals throughout Southern California with more than 150,000 units of blood each year. San Diego Blood Bank’s mission is to connect diverse communities to save and improve lives through blood and biotherapies. Dedicated to advancing health and wellness through medical innovation, SDBB has provided an essential service since 1950. San Diego Blood Bank currently operates nine fixed-site donation locations and 10 bloodmobiles, with blood drives running daily.