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Discover: What is the Impact of a Bloodmobile?

San Diego Blood Bank Foundation is raising funds this holiday season to support the purchase of three new bloodmobiles to replace three that will no longer meet emissions standards in the near future.

You may have seen these branded buses at locations throughout the San Diego region. We have 10 total in our fleet, and they make it possible for repeat and first time blood donors to make a quick and easy donation where they are—whether taking a break from work or running errands in the community. These bloodmobiles are a critical resource in our lifesaving toolkit.

Did you know?

  • Bloodmobiles are vital resources with state-of-the-art technology that help our mobile blood drives collect more than 50% of our annual blood supply.
  • Bloodmobiles make blood donation convenient and comfortable for donors.
  • In 2018/19, 2,065 mobile blood drives collected more than 60,000 pints of lifesaving blood impacting up to 180,000 lives!
  • One bloodmobile can collect up to 7,000 pints each year. 
  • Over the 15-year lifespan of one bloodmobile, more than 100,000 pints will be collected impacting up to 300,000 lives—multiply that by three and together, we can save up to 900,000 lives.
  • Three new bloodmobiles are critical to maintaining the supply of blood needed for patients and will prevent the loss of 21,000 pints each year. 

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