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Donating Blood to Remember Loved Ones

For many donors, giving blood is not just a nice thing to do — it’s something they know can directly impact the lives of people because of firsthand experiences they’ve had with loved ones. Jason Alva is one of those donors.

Jay gives blood because of his uncle, who went through a number of operations throughout his life and received blood transfusions toward the end of his life. Jay and his uncle were very close, and donating on a consistent basis is something he does to remember his uncle.

“I like donating blood,” he said. “It helps me to think I’m doing something constructive, besides worrying or feeling sad. I’d rather do something to share, to help.”

Jay has spent much of his career working in construction, and recently, events lined up perfectly for him to be able to move on from his job and explore other options. He plans to move to Portland, Oregon, and he is looking forward to the new opportunities and adventures that await there.

He also hopes to take this time in his life to focus on self-discovery, and has many friends supporting him throughout the process. As he takes on new experiences, one thing he knows he will continue to do is donate blood, no matter where he is.