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Happy Nurses Week from the San Diego Blood Bank

Happy Nurses Week! We're placing the spotlight on our compassionate and talented nurses all week. Let's start with John.

[ John, LVN, works with donors during their blood donation and with participants of the San Diego Blood Bank's research projects. ]

John has been with the San Diego Blood Bank for nine years. His favorite part of his job is getting to spend time with new and returning blood donors. Working with his stellar healthcare team is another part of his job that he loves the most.

To him, saving lives is important because "you never know who's going to need your blood." He personally knows friends and family members who have benefited from blood transfusions. He believes if you can, please donate blood!

John's journey to becoming a nurse wasn't a straight course. He originally studied to become an engineer while attending school in the Philippines. However, when he moved to America, he decided on a different path when he learned about a possible career in nursing. Family members were nurses, which positively influenced him. John also wanted to fulfill his desire to be of service to others, so nursing was the path he settled on. 

During John's spare time, he enjoys exploring new places to eat, like trying new Asian restaurants worth checking out in the Convoy district in San Diego. He also loves traveling, going on road trips, and snowboarding. We're glad John found his path and niche in blood banking. He’s saving lives and living an adventurous life.

[ John, LVN, has been with the San Diego Blood Bank for nine years. Here he is enjoying quality time with his friends and family outside of work. ]

Happy Nurses Week, John! We appreciate your dedication, talent, and the compassion you bring to the San Diego Blood Bank. Help us celebrate Nurses Week by letting us know how a nurse like John has positively impacted your blood donation experience.


Feature by Rizalyn Vargas