Increasing efficiency and reducing blood spend through innovation

With a passion for continual innovation, we assist hospitals more efficiently manage their blood supply, leading to meaningful cost savings. Besides a broad array of blood products and services, San Diego Blood Bank (SDBB) proactively offers customers novel programs, processes, services and unique technology designed to improve blood utilization, creating efficiencies and reducing their blood spend. Since SDBB is continually focused on supporting customer’s blood needs, hospitals can focus their attention on other challenges and opportunities within their organization.

A local resource with regional and national reach

SDBB has been a critical resource for the community for more than 70 years, providing not only access to a reliable blood supply, but helping improve the overall health and wellness of the community. We are yet another channel that hospitals can use to reach out to the community we jointly serve and provide health and wellness services. Because we are part of the National Blood Collaborative, a national network of like-minded blood service providers, hospitals can be assured of a consistent and readily available supply of blood products. While part of a national network of like-minded blood service centers, we’re still a local blood center that is passionate about providing innovative solutions and outstanding customer service to our communities.

Unparalleled quality of both product and service

Because SDBB implements rigorous quality standards, hospitals can be assured they are receiving pure blood products that meet the strictest requirements. Our commitment to quality extends well beyond our blood products. We take pride in providing the highest level of quality customer service because we are passionate and involved members of the communities we serve. Customers receive a level of service and attentiveness that’s unavailable from national blood organizations because we operate in the communities we serve, while still providing reliable access to a robust blood supply. Since every hospital has their own unique blood challenges, we provide flexible and innovative programs and services that are tailored to meeting customers' specific needs.