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Blood Drive Choices

There's more than one way to host a Blood Drive at your organization. You can either have the Blood Drive in-house or in a self-contained bloodmobile.


If your organization has a large, comfortable room where all the Blood Drive equipment can be set up, such as a gymnasium, community center, or large conference room, then an in-house Blood Drive is the choice for you. Members of your organization can walk down the hall and conveniently donate. We bring all the necessary equipment and help you set up the area prior to the Blood Drive.


If you don't have the space for an in-house Blood Drive, then we can bring the space to you with a self-contained Bloodmobile. We'll park the Bloodmobile in a convenient location so that all your organization's members can easily participate in your Blood Drive. If you have any questions about how to organize your Blood Drive, give us a call at 800-469-7322 ext. 8178