How Do I Donate Cord Blood?

A cord for the community.

If you want to donate your baby's cord blood to San Diego Blood Bank's Cord Blood Donation Program, you should first:

• Confirm delivery will occur at a participating hospital:

• Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla
• Scripps Mercy Hospital San Diego
• UC Davis Medical Center
• Kaiser Permanente Roseville Medical Center

• Notify your physician or midwife of your decision
• Complete and provide consent form to the labor and delivery staff

At the time of your delivery, if you meet the initial screening requirements, a kit from San Diego Blood Bank will be available at the participating hospital. You will be asked to donate blood samples used to test for infectious diseases. Blood samples will only be drawn from mother, not baby.

If you wish to contact an independent third party not connected with this study about problems, concerns, questions, information or input, please contact National Marrow Donor Program® (NMDP) Donor Advocacy Program at 1(800) 526-7809, extension 8710.