How long does it take to donate?

It takes about 45 minutes to an hour to go through all of the steps to donate whole blood and a little longer for other donation types. After you arrive at a San Diego Blood Bank donation center or blood drive, there are typically four steps. 

1. REGISTRATION: Register with photo ID and provide name, date of birth, address and answer a questionnaire including confidential medical history, travel history, lifestyle, medications and general health.

2. HEALTH SCREENING: Receive a mini health screening where we will take your blood pressure, temperature, pulse, and a blood sample to measure hematocrit level to ensure your wellbeing and determine any barriers to donation.

3. BLOOD DONATION: You will donate a unit of whole blood through a needle in your arm which takes about 8-10 minutes. This step may take longer for different donation types.

4. REST & RECOVERYSit in the canteen for 15 minutes and enjoy a beverage and snack before returning to your day.

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