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January is National Blood Donor Month: Blood Donor Stories

It’s no coincidence that the start of the new year is National Blood Donor Month. Now until the rest of the year is your chance to make lifesaving a new habit. To encourage first-time and continuing blood donors to come into our Donor Centers or blood drives, we're highlighting patients, blood donors, staff members, and volunteers throughout the month. Keep an eye out for the fresh faces behind our mission to save lives!

Our Blood Donors


Ramona donates blood for a friend’s daughter. When it comes to donating, Ramona says, “It doesn’t cost a thing. Everyone who can do it should. It’s less than 15 minutes when you’re actually in the chair.” Saving lives means there’s a supply of blood available to anyone who needs their life saved. If it’s your family, you would want there to be a supply of blood for them. “Give donating blood a try once. It’s easier than you think. I’ve never liked needles but it’s relatively painless. Donating blood is better than the dentist.”



Javier, a type A- blood donor, recently donated whole blood at our Gateway Donor Center. He came in because he received a call from us letting him know that he’s eligible to donate blood again. This is about Javier’s 6th whole blood donation and so far, it looks like he’s going to continue donating for patients in need. To Javier, donating blood is “the right thing for me to do. If I’m able to donate blood then I just go do it.”

Javier is currently a student at Southwestern College and majoring in political science. He hopes to transfer to San Diego State University or the University of California, San Diego afterward.

If you’ve never donated blood before or it’s been a while since you’ve last donated, Javier thinks you can do whatever it takes to donate blood. If you need reassurance that everything will be okay, Javier notes that it’s ok to be nervous when donating blood. It’s the first poke that can make you a little anxious, but after that, you can simply relax. 

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By Rizalyn Vargas