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July is Cord Blood Awareness Month

Did you know San Diego Blood Bank has a public Cord Blood Donation Program? 

In partnership with Be the Match, San Diego Blood Bank helps connect lifesaving umbilical cord blood donations to patients who need stem cell transplants, treating more than 80 illnesses.  

How does cord blood save lives?

Umbilical cord blood is rich with stem cells that haven't had a chance to become a specific type of cell. In that way, these young stem cells can be used as treatments to become new healthy cells for those who need them. 

New moms can donate their cord blood after a successful birth of a healthy baby. This is blood the hospital would most often discard as biohazardous waste. Instead, it is used to save lives! 

Since July 2020, San Diego Blood Bank has shipped 154 cord blood units to patients in urgent need and have successfully helped save lives. 

Our Cord Blood Banking staff facilitate the collection and transportation of cord blood units back to SDBB labs where these lifesaving cells are then separated, frozen, and stored in liquid nitrogen until they are matched to patients in need through the Be The Match Registry┬«. These lifesaving cells are usually the last hope for patients suffering from diseases such as leukemia and lymphoma. 

If a mother-to-be or a family is interested in donating cord blood, learn about instructions for how they can donate. 

Published 7/10/2020 | Updated 6/23/2022