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The Perfect Gift This Holiday Season is...

The perfect present to give will always be one of generosity. To us, giving means rolling up your sleeve to donate blood. Taking up a simple act of kindness for others is what strengthens our community and our world even. When you donate blood, you're giving an ultimate gift of life. However, instead of encouraging you to donate blood through our own words, here's what a fellow blood donor has to say about why donating blood is an important effort to take up: 

Over the last two years, I've been participating as Double Platelet Donor and wish I would have known of been told years before. Yes, you (I) can't donate as often doing this but there is more value to the Blood Bank from donors like me (not meant to infer that ever blood donation is not valuable!). I've heard many excuses from those who don't participate and I guess it's not for everyone - but someday when they or a loved one needs it, they may reflect back on how they missed a big opportunity to give "some life" to those who are in need.

I've always had the best care, friendly staff who obviously love their jobs whether I've donated on a bloodmobile, fundraiser, or at one of the outlying facilities. ❤️ San Diego Blood Bank. - James

Like James, we'd love for you to donate blood--even platelets!--this holiday season. Make an appointment and give the ultimate gift of life, today.