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Platelet Donor Shares Her Love of Life with Those in Need

Kristine Clemenger has a calming presence. To everyone who passes by her in the canteen at the San Diego Blood Bank, she has a welcoming, warm smile that she doesn’t hesitate to offer.

She is a regular donor at the Blood Bank. She has been giving blood and platelets for the past eight years, and is just around the seven gallon mark.

“I give platelets because people need them,” she said. “It’s not only a nice thing to do—it’s giving of yourself to others.”

Not only is it relatively easy for her, but it hardly takes any time away from her day, she said. And more importantly, you never know who will need them. Among those who may receive platelet donations are patients who have chronic diseases, traumatic injuries, and cancer or leukemia.

“The truth is, we’re all going to probably need blood donations at some point in our lives,” she said.

And if or when this is the case, we will need blood donations from each other, and people like Kristine.

Her giving nature and love of people is complemented with her love of the world and anything outdoors. Kristine leads a very active life, and she can be found spending her time stand up paddle boarding, surfing, gardening and camping often.

Published 2/26/2018