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The Power of One

One more blood donor. Three more lives saved. Infinite impact.

We need your help to grow our donor community!

For each new donor* you refer to donate at a San Diego Blood Bank center or drive now through May 31, earn 25 Loyalty Points to redeem in our donor store.

In addition, we are asking for your support in getting the word out about San Diego Blood Bank in your neighborhoods.

  • Consider printing and posting the Power of One flyer at your local coffee shop, gym, or church bulletin board, and/or share with any community groups you are involved with, to help grow our community of dedicated blood donors.
  • Printed flyers and pocket cards are available for pick up at donor centers as well.
  • You can also share this post on your social media pages.

We, and the blood recipients who rely on us all for their health and wellbeing, are grateful for your support!

*New donor is defined as someone who has not donated at any San Diego Blood Bank center or drive in the past 2 years. Donor must provide your name and phone number when checking in, and have a successful donation attempt (meaning they make it through the initial check in process) for points to be valid. Points will be updated in your account at the end of each week.