What We Offer

San Diego Blood Bank offers a variety of blood and cell-based research products and services for researchers in academia and biopharmaceutical companies. Blood bank products include whole blood, white blood cells, platelets, plasma and serum components for research use. Additionally, San Diego Blood Bank’s Cell Therapy and Cord Blood Bank unit offers cord blood, cord blood cell fractions, cord blood plasma and related components to researchers.

We are a cGMP compliant facility and have a variety of assay and analytical services on blood and cell therapy products as well as blood and tissue samples available for genomics-based analyses. All products offered for research are obtained under full consent for research use from our donors and collected under cGMP compliance guidelines.

Meeting Your Regulatory Needs

SDBB has a top tier regulatory team that can assist with IRB protocol preparation, consent, regulatory and quality review and support activities to address cGMP, state and federal compliance needs.

Working with San Diego Blood Bank

San Diego Blood Bank has an experienced team of professionals and scientists that are available for discussion, planning and study implementation to researchers. We encourage and embrace a strong interactive relationship with our collaborators and customers to assure the best approaches are enabled to maximize the success of all projects we work with researchers on. We offer donor recruiting, education, consenting, screening, blood product collection and processing capabilities to meet the various needs of researchers and Biopharma organizations.

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Researcher Resources

We offer a broad variety of resources to researchers interested in working with the San Diego Blood Bank. These include scientific and clinical consultation on projects, as well as access to laboratory infrastructure, equipment and personnel to support those projects we engage in.