Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to Red Cell Antibody Screening and Bacterial Contamination, we test all platelets used to manufacture Clearsate for: Hepatitis B & C , HIV 1 & 2, Syphilis HTLV I / II,  Chagas, West Nile Virus

Clearsate is triple filtered with a 0.2μ final filtration.

All platelets used are first leukoreduced to less than 5.0x106/mL.

Utility Studies have shown working concentrations to be between 2.0% and 10.0%. Optimal concentrations should be determined by user. Actual concentrations of Clearsate required are often significantly less than FBS.

Yes. We currently have 1.0L, 0.5L, 250mL, 125mL, and 50mL product volumes. Please call to discuss other volume or batch requirements.

Frozen up to 1 year, at ≤ -20˚C.

We recommend that each user of Clearsate first determine the optimal concentrations of Clearsate media supplement for their cells. Utility studies have shown that Clearsate, in optimized concentrations, can perform as good as or better than FBS with many different cell types.

Yes. The lysate is made from platelets that are tested for bacterial contamination. Each batch is sterile filtered and sterility tested.

Clearsate is rich in both Platelet Derived Growth Factor’s (PDGF’s) and (TGF-ß’s).

No. There are absolutely no animal or plant based materials used to make Clearsate.

No. There are no other additives, or chemicals added which could have any adverse effects on cell growth or expansion. There are also no added antibiotics or preservatives.

No anticoagulant is used in making Clearsate nor is it required to add any anticoagulant when using Clearsate.

Clearsate is manufactured from saline washed platelets and contains a controlled amount of residual plasma.

Clearsate is a fully human based lysate manufactured from platelets collected from normal healthy blood donors, rich in numerous platelet derived growth factors. It is intended as a replacement for Fetal Bovine Serum and AB Serum.