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The San Diego Blood Bank Celebrates MLK Day

Happy MLK Day! Today is a day in which we honor and celebrate the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., leader of the Civil Rights Movement during the 1960s. King's commitment to social justice, equality, and service is why we continue to recognize his humanitarian impact during his birthday anniversary on January 15. His birthday is also recognized as a national day of service. In honor of MLK Day at the San Diego Blood Bank, we hosted a blood drive with the San Diego Automotive Museum, San Diego Air & Space Museum and the Museum of Man. Donors who participated in that drive received a discount to select museums and a "Lifesaving Driver" t-shirt from this year's San Diego International Auto Show.

Miriam and Rick were two donors who found extra meaning in giving the gift of life on MLK Day. They walked away with a few special perks, saving lives and making a difference. Thank you to Miriam, Rick and other donors who gave a helping arm as a way to be of service to others today.

At our Gateway Donor Center, we saw that saving lives takes a village. Ella, a stylish and friendly 10-year-old and blood transfusion recipient, had her family and friends stop by to donate blood. Ella receives one unit of blood every two weeks yet has a whole team behind her just like how local patients have an entire community behind them. Thank you to Erica, Ella's mom for coordinating a blood donation get-together. Support from blood donors ensure that patients get the blood they need without worrying about any shortages. Here is Ella pictured with her Uncle Wes, who donated blood, and her family (most donated or came for support). Families that give together stay strong together!

Besides volunteering on MLK Day, you can be of service to your community by becoming a regular blood donor, like Miriam or Rick. Whoever or wherever you are, you are not only always needed to give a helping arm, you will always be proud to know you are helping to save the lives of Ella or patients like her. Take a look at where our donor centers are or when a blood drive near you is taking place by heading to As Martin Luther King Jr. once said, "The time is always right to do what is right."