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The San Diego Blood Bank celebrates Nurses Week by asking nurses, why nursing?

Nurses Week is an opportunity for us to recognize the heroism and diligence of our nursing staff. Some have been with us for a few months while others have been here for twenty or more years. Regardless of where our nurses have been before or what led them to nursing, we’re grateful for their contributions to the San Diego Blood Bank.

In celebration of Nurses Week, we asked some of our nurses why they decided to become a nurse. Here are some of the things they had to say:

Where you work is what makes you stick around. According to many of our nurses, working with kind colleagues and seeing the familiar faces of regular blood donors is what's most enjoyable about being a nurse at the San Diego Blood Bank.

There are certain traits you have to possess to thrive as a nurse. One nurse points out it takes a level of bravery to be successful because you see people at their worst, most vulnerable self. You get up close and personal with patients, so being brave is an essential ingredient if you want to help produce a good donor experience. On the other hand, Jean, RN, notes you also need to perfect one fundamental characteristic and that’s professionalism. “You have to be professional, even when patients aren’t feeling well.” Here (at the San Diego Blood Bank), being able to provide good customer service for people donating their time is important.”

To Diana, RN, a difficult moment for any nurse can be when you “can’t give your best service because of things beyond your control.” This is where being professional and patient is really important. Thankfully, one trait every nurse must have is a calling to serve. Most nurses, including ours, agree that being called to be a nurse is what gives them a sense of purpose in their careers. That sense of purpose is what keeps them going through all the ordinary and unexpected moments on the job.

For those who have been called to be of public service and have the gift of healing and helping those who need care, thank you for sharing your talents and compassion with us.

Happy Nurses Week!

By Rizalyn Vargas