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San Diego Blood Bank partners with Tree San Diego to offer unique opportunity to new blood donors with Tree of Life campaign

SDBB launches double-impact Tree of Life campaign aimed at recruiting brand new volunteer blood donors during the season of giving

Starting November 1, 2022, new blood donors who register at check-in with SDBB group code: "TREE" will save lives through blood donation and help the environment thrive thanks to SDBB’s partnership with Tree San Diego and Forestmatic to sponsor tree planting initiatives here in San Diego and in Uganda.   

This special offering is limited to the first 2,500 donors who qualify, with a potential impact of planting 5,000 trees.

The season of giving is the perfect time to plant the seeds of change and start a lifesaving tradition of donating blood. The more people in our community that we can inspire to become blood donors for the Tree of Life campaign, the greater impact we can have on sustaining community health and environmental wellness. 

New blood donors can participate in our Tree of Life campaign by doing these two things:  

(1) donate blood with San Diego Blood Bank for the first-time during November 2022, AND
(2) register with group code: "TREE"

When you donate blood as a “first-timer” with SDBB and register with the code: TREE, you are investing in life “TREE-fold” as we like to say. Together we can save local hospital patients, help communities in Uganda, and sponsor tree planting initiatives, maintenance, and care for up to 2,500 trees in San Diego County.

Who can sign up to double the impact of their first-time blood donation? 
Eligible individuals who have never donated blood and those who may have donated blood but not with San Diego Blood Bank can participate. New to SDBB and first-time blood donors must register with SDBB code: "TREE" to be counted and included in the total number of trees planted. All TREE donations will be counted as supporters of the campaign. 

How can current SDBB blood donors support this environmental effort? 
Current SDBB blood donors, including Guardians Circle members, are encouraged to double the impact of their donations by donating blood in November with code: TREE. We encourage donors to invite friends and family who have never donated blood before or have not donated with SDBB to sign up to give life during November using the code: TREE and for those first-timers and newcomers, SDBB will plant two trees.

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How will the tree planting work?
At the end of the Tree of Life Campaign, all "TREE" code registrations will sponsor tree planting initiatives, maintenance, and care in San Diego County and in Uganda. For every new to SDBB or first-time TREE blood donation,

  • A home will be sourced for a tree to be planted in Uganda through a collaboration with the Blood Centers of America (BCA) and Forestmatic. As part of a national effort involving 27 regional blood banks, this campaign will plant up to ~160,000 trees in Uganda by partnering with local farming communities. To learn more about this initiative here, visit Blood Centers of America - Forestmatic 

  • A home will be sourced for a tree to be planted right here in San Diego County in partnership with Tree San Diego, a nonprofit dedicated to increasing the quality and density of San Diego County’s urban forest for the benefit of people, the environment, and the future. To learn more about their efforts, visit Tree San Diego.

Join our blood donor community today by signing up to give life in November. Don’t forget to mention the code: “TREE” at check-in to participate. 

To donate blood, you must be 17 years old, weigh a minimum of 114 pounds and be in general good health. View Frequently Asked Questions about donating blood.

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