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This Superwoman is Saving Lives and Empowering Women in the Community

Janine Davis cares deeply about helping others, whether she’s fighting for women’s rights and equality, helping others get on their feet, or donating blood. 

“It’s something I can do in a very small way,” she said. “I have a blood type they can use, and I’m not going to miss a pint.”

Janine has been a member of the Lemon Grove chapter of the Soroptimist club, an international women’s rights organization founded in 1921, for 15 years. At the Soroptimist club, she has served in almost every position, including president. According to Janine, the club is a quiet group that works primarily in the background to lift up other efforts, help women to get on their feet, and support campaigns, movements and organizations fighting for women’s rights around the world. It raises money, organizes events, supports campaigns against inhumane practices, gives to the Rachel Women’s Shelter in downtown San Diego, and much more.

“We mainly help women who need it,” she said. “And we are a force to be dealt with!”

Beyond her work to help others through the Soroptimist club, she also recognizes the many different people she could be saving by donating blood, including homeless women in San Diego. To those thinking about donating, Janine gives some tough-love advice and a wink. 

“Don’t be a chicken! It doesn’t hurt. Pull up your big girl pants and donate!” she laughed. “It’s also a nice excuse to give yourself a day off. If you’ve got housework to do afterward, oh well, others will need to bring you a sandwich because you gave blood today.”

Janine is retired from the real estate industry and spends most of her time with her husband, who has been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. She loves playing piano and knitting, and most recently crafted hats for the San Diego Women’s March to give to her friends.