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Support San Diego Blood Bank and Local Nonprofits for San Diego Gives on September 8

San Diego Gives—A Day of Giving aims to raise funds in support of more than 300 local nonprofits including San Diego Blood Bank

San Diego Blood Bank is a proud participant in the San Diego Gives 2022 campaign. The 24-hour virtual fundraiser supports and highlights the amazing work of local nonprofits that serve the needs of our diverse community.

Support San Diego Gives

Since 1950, San Diego Blood Bank has played a critical healthcare role serving as a primary blood provider to local hospitals, saving thousands of lives each year.

San Diego Blood Bank is an essential need for the region dedicated to saving lives today and improving life tomorrow. Our blood collection program has expanded to include nine donation sites from Chula Vista to as far north as Irvine, and 10 bloodmobiles that support community partners in mobile blood drives every day. These mobile blood drives contribute 40-50% of our annual blood collection total. Each year we distribute more than 150,000 blood products to hospital partners in Southern California, providing treatments to patients suffering from life-threatening diseases, illnesses, and traumas.

San Diego Gives is a day of giving that connects people to the causes they care about most. Financial gifts to San Diego Blood Bank connect people to lifesaving blood.

Together, we save lives.

You can impact health and wellness in our community by making a gift to San Diego Blood Bank on September 8 

Click here to learn more about San Diego Gives and the many nonprofits benefitting from this day of giving. 

Ready to support our lifesaving mission and invest in life? Those who don’t want to wait until Sept. 8 can make a financial gift now at

Philanthropy supports innovation and resource development for your local blood bank 

Blood recipient Rebecca Blakely Brown is grateful for San Diego Blood Bank. Rebecca’s life was saved thanks to volunteers who gave blood in the days prior to her terrible car accident. Today, Rebecca is a proud financial supporter in the Leadership Circle who feels good about the impact her charitable gifts have on helping the community and fueling SDBB’s mission. She knows first-hand that when blood is on the shelves in local hospitals, lives are saved—lives like hers.


Rebecca Blakely Brown

“My financial investment helps save lives.
It makes me want to cry just thinking about it,
about what my gift could do for someone else,
for San Diego.”



Join Rebecca in saving lives with us. Make a financial gift for San Diego Gives.  

Support San Diego Gives

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