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Taylor and Larisa: Giving Back Together

Taylor and Larisa do what they can to give back. As a couple, they dedicate time to different nonprofits to help the local community. One weekend they may do a beach cleanup and the next weekend, donate blood... together.  

In the photo, it was Larissa’s very first time donating. She donned her “First-Time Donor” sticker with pride as she followed Taylor, her fiancé (and donor buddy), through the process. She mentioned that joining Taylor in donating made her feel less scared about trying it. Having a donor buddy really made the process quick and easy. 

Taylor donated a double red which is two units of red blood cells. The RBCs are collected into two separate bags as the plasma and platelets are returned to him. This donation takes a little bit longer, but Taylor didn’t seem to mind. Saving lives is what he was here for. 

Larisa felt great after her first donation with a renewed sense of purpose. They both enjoyed the free snacks in the canteen and laughed about whether they wanted salty or sweet. Together, they walked away with the feeling of truly changing someone’s life. And all in a Saturday afternoon. 

Join Taylor and Larisa in saving lives by making a blood donation appointment. Everyone is someone’s type. And they are waiting for you!