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Virtual Blood Drive Held in Memory of Dale Larson to “Finish Dale’s Race to 100” Gallons - June 14-28

Will you help Dale get to 100 gallons?  

Dale Larson had a goal: Reach the 100-gallon blood donation mark. He even had a friendly competition with his friend John.

Dale passed away in his sleep on the morning of June 1 with 40 gallons left to his goal. To honor Dale, John created a challenge for fellow blood donors: “Finish Dale’s Race to 100.” 

Between now and June 28, give life and use the code “DALE” when you register. Schedule an appointment or call (619) 400-8251.  

Dale’s greatest joy came from his family, volunteering, and running. Dale was a husband, father of 5, and grandfather of 9. He was an active community volunteer in Ramona, along with his wife Lori, where they supported many causes including San Diego Blood Bank, Wounded Warriors Battalion, and Marine families. Dale was an avid runner and often said “I’m only half crazy” as he ran half marathons almost every month. He was always good-natured, easy going, and quick with a joke or pun. 

Dale consistently donated platelets and other blood components via a process called apheresis. Because of his generosity, he alone has touched over 1,400 people’s lives! His friendliness made him popular with staff, volunteers and fellow donors as he encouraged each of us to be just a little bit better. 

Together, let’s donate 320 pints and finish Dale’s race! Thank you for taking this lifesaving challenge.