What Happens if the Cord Blood Collected Does Not Meet Banking Criteria?

A new birth provides hope for a cure.

Donated cord blood units that do not meet minimum criteria to be listed on a registry and used for transplant may be used for research, quality control and other studies. All cells are valuable to help improve the process, find new treatments and provide a future for others.

We are moving into a new era of cell-based therapies worldwide, and we are deeply involved in carrying out research to supply stem cell products and services to academic and biopharmaceutical researchers for the development of new cell-based therapies for the treatment of a broad range of diseases, including cancer, immune and genetic disorders. We are also carrying out our own internal research programs with cord blood stem cells to develop therapies targeting cancer and immune disorders and exploring opportunities in the new field of regenerative medicine, using cell therapy for the treatment of age-related disorders such as cardiovascular, neurological and autoimmune problems.