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What's it like to donate platelets?

Join Matthew as he takes you through the journey of donating platelets.

Make the most of your donation by donating platelets. All the information in our movie is also here:

Platelets are blood cells that help control bleeding. They help patients undergoing bone marrow transplants, surgeries, chemotherapy, organ transplants, etc.

When you check it for your donation, bring your photo ID. You’ll also fill out paper work in private. Make sure to review, understand and answer the questions on your donor history questionnaire accurately to ensure the safety of blood product(s). Donors are required to read the educational material and medication deferral list prior to completing the donor history questionnaire. Please be sure to not consume aspirin in the 48 hours prior to donating platelets. 

You’ll also go through an interview process with a member of our team. Our friendly staff will ensure you’re taken care of every step of the way. You can donate platelets every two – four weeks. Platelets from all donor types are needed. You can save up to three lives while you’re donating! Platelets have a shelf life of 5 days. Platelet donors make an immediate impact. Our Trima machines are made possible by financial donors.

When your platelets are taken, additional red cells and/or plasma may also be collected. It takes an average of 90+ minutes to donate platelets. During your donation, you will have plenty of time to relax. So sit back and enjoy the downtime. You can check your email, read a good book, watch Netflix…the possibilities are endless. After donating, wear your badge for 4 hours. Do not engage in strenuous activity for 24 hours. At the end of your appointment, spend fifteen minutes in the canteen and enjoy a tasty snack.

Finally, make your next appointment while you’re with us. Together we're saving lives today and improving life tomorrow!