Where does my blood go after I donate?

After you donate, your unit of Whole Blood is divided into different components and transfused into patients who need the specific component. Some examples of how your blood is used are: 

  • Auto Accident: 50+ units of Whole Blood
  • Heart Surgery: 2 - 4 units of Red Blood Cell and a unit of Platelets 
  • Organ Transplant: 10-20 units of Red Cell, 1-2 units of Platelets, 10-20 units of Cryoprecipitate, 5-10 units of Plasma 
  • Bone Marrow Transplant: 20 Red Cells, 25-100 units of Platelets 
  • 3rd Degree Burns: 10-30 Red Blood Cells, 10-30 Plasma, 2-5 units of Platelets