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Why Are Our Letters Missing?

Have you noticed anything different about our San Diego Blood Bank logo and mission statement lately? Something appears to be missing. Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice the As, Bs, and Os are gone. Have we gone crazy? Of course not, but our passion is worth sharing.


As part of a global Missing Type campaign, we’re getting involved in a widespread effort to get more eligible individuals to donate blood. How we’re doing this is simple. We’ve omitted any letter associated with a blood type from our name on our website and social media profiles. We’re urging you to do the same with yours! ​Corporations, community organizations, celebrities, sports teams--you name it--have been taking part in highlighting the critical need for donors to give blood for patients in need.

People you'll recognize, like BuzzFeed, Hootsuite, the Syndey Opera House, and everyone in between, are taking part in the Missing Type campaign. From the Tweets you find when you search #MissingType on Twitter, you'll see why:


Become a part of the #MissingType movement by becoming a blood donor, which is simple to do. Start by seeing if you're eligible to donate by reading blood donor requirements. Then make an appointment with the San Diego Blood Bank, the main blood supplier to San Diego hospitals.

The need for blood is constant so without your blood type around when patients need it during medical emergencies, thriving--surviving even--may look bleak. Donate blood today because your Missing Type (of blood) may be the hope patients are looking for.