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Walk-ins are welcome. Same-day appointments are available. All blood types are needed.

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Your Gift Saves Lives

San Diego Blood Bank must collect more than 350 units of blood each day to meet the needs of local patients who are battling life-threatening blood disorders and cancers, suffering from traumas such as burns or serious accidents, or even complications from childbirth. One pint of blood can save up to three livesSchedule your appointment to donate blood.

Community Impact 

Because of blood donors, local patients receive the lifesaving care they need and hope for a healthy life. Read stories about blood recipients in Southern California and their families and how, together, they survived health obstacles and illnesses, and overcame serious traumas with blood transfusions.

Connect Patients to Life

Aidan received a heart transplant at four-years-old. 
His blood has been drawn for testing more than 500 times. 
He’s spent nearly three years of his life in hospitals. 
Today, he's learning guitar. 



Blood Donors Are the Guardians of Our Community

Every blood donation provides hope for local patients and their families. Make the pledge and join the Guardians Circle to ensure blood is on the shelves when it is needed most. Find where you can donate blood and schedule your blood donation appointment today!

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