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We Need Hundreds of Blood Components Each Day to Serve San Diego

San Diego Blood Bank must collect hundreds of blood components each day to meet the needs of local patients who are battling life-threatening blood disorders like aplastic anemia, sickle cell anemia and leukemia, as well as those who need blood during trauma situations.

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Patient Stories 

Please take the time to read about a few of our patients whose lives have been directly affected by our blood donors. Their need for blood is ongoing.

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Danica Voight received blood transfusions as part of her treatment for severe aplastic anemia before undergoing a successful bone marrow transplant.




Aidan Good had a heart transplant at four-years-old. His blood has been drawn for testing more than 500 times. He’s spent nearly three years of his life in hospitals. Now, he a budding guitarist and he’s learning to surf.




Regina Mapes was diagnosed with right coronal craniosynostosis (a skull deformity) at four-months-old. During surgery to correct her skull, she needed a blood transfusion.




Caroline was diagnosed with high risk neuroblastoma in 2013. She received several blood and platelets transfusions as part of her treatment. Caroline is now clear of the disease and loves to dance, read, play with medical equipment and order people around.




Max was born prematurely and became anemic due to a rare blood type incompatibility. He required a blood transfusion after being diagnosed at Rady Children’s Hospital. Now, Max is doing well and his parents are grateful to SDBB and all of those who donate blood.



Army veteran and former police officer Eric Fulton was diagnosed with leukemia on May 1, 2015. This father of six trained in Iraq and served with K9 bomb dogs. Eric received over 20 blood transfusions as part of his treatment. He is currently in remission and doing great.



Greyson was born with a congenital heart defect and at just one day old he underwent his first open heart surgery. Greyson had his second open heart surgery at six months and his third at three. He has received several blood transfusions and may require more in the future. Greyson is a happy, energetic little man. He loves his super heroes and playing with his two sisters.



Bryan Caraveo was hit by a truck while riding his bicycle to work. During his long recovery he required many units of blood products. He thanks all those who donate blood and support SDBB.




Kennedy Kraus received blood transfusions as part of her treatment for aplastic anemia before undergoing a successful bone marrow transplant in 2007. Kennedy volunteers for the blood bank and has an appreciation for life far beyond her years.




Waylon was born in 2012 with severe respiratory distress. During the 13 weeks after his birth he had two surgeries and 50 blood transfusions. He's doing great now thanks to blood donors.




Stefanie Sacknoff was transfusion dependent for 11 years due to aplastic anemia. Thanks to a bone marrow transplant in 2007, Stefanie is completely recovered and graduated from George Washington University in 2013 as a physician assistant. She now works locally in Hematology/Oncology and enjoys spending time with her family and young nephew.



Gabriella Martinez is dependent on blood transfusions every three weeks or so. She has a rare form of anemia—beta thalassemia major. She has been receiving transfusions since she was a baby and will continue to receive them.




Kamila Saradpon has beta thalassemia major, a severe form of anemia that requires regular transfusions. Her first transfusion came when she was just two-months-old. A nurse at Rady Children’s Hospital introduced Kamila’s mother to Gabriella’s mother and together their families help each other and support SDBB.



Mercedes Soto required regular transfusions to remain healthy after being diagnosed with leukemia. She is so grateful to the blood donors who kept her healthy while waiting for her successful bone marrow transplant.



Micah Bernstein was diagnosed with high risk neuroblastoma when he was 15-months-old. More than three years of treatments followed and required many transfusions. Micah is still very active playing with cars, riding his bike, reading books and loving school when he can attend.



Charlene Waddell was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. which metastasized to her liver. She needed multiple blood transfusions as part of her treatment. She is now healthy and encourages everyone who can to donate blood.




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