Meet Blood Donors

Phillips Sanders
El Cajon

Started donating in high school and always brings a friend.

"It's a good cause, a good act of kindness and it makes a difference."




Isirene Ulloa-Gomez
La Mesa

Started donating blood after her son Miggy needed transfusions to survive a sudden hemorrhage.
Read her story.

"It takes one person three years to donate what [my son] received in two weeks."



Elizabeth Earley

Gave blood for the first time since high school after she nearly lost her arm—and her life—from a motorcycle accident. 
Read her story.

"I just never thought about donating blood again until this happened to me. This really does save lives—it saved mine."


Robert DiPinto

This former educator, bounty hunter, diver, and mountain rescue team member has been giving blood since the 1980s. He's a regular platelet donor—his gifts total 90 gallons...and climbing.

"I have a rare blood type—O negative. Giving blood is a way to give back to society."

Robert Fisher
Pacific Beach

A regular platelet donor, he's given more than 180 gallons since 1976. Along with his brother Al (who volunteers at SDBB), Bob works on old cars and continues to save lives.

"I feel that God has given me a gift that I need to share—he's using me as an instrument to pass on the platelets and blood products."


Thuy Nguyen
La Mesa

Thuy is a dedicated blood donor and chairperson. She hosts 4 blood drives each year, including one in December for her birthday. Watch this video to learn more about why Thuy donates blood.

“Roses are red, violets are blue. The world needs donors, just like me and you!”


Bryan Caraveo

Received lifesaving blood transfusions after a bicycle accident. Suffered a traumatic brain injury, but fully recovered. Now he donates blood and platelets.

“Take a look at your family and friends that are around you and imagine that in an hour they need blood. If you’re willing to give, you know, your family and friends a pint of blood, what about somebody else?”


Kat Winger
San Carlos

Heard an urgent call for blood on the news and started donating. Now she's a regular platelet donor.

"You don't have to be a doctor or a paramedic to keep someone alive or feeling their best."



John Howard
Chula Vista

Long time blood donor, volunteer and—just to make it a trifecta—financial donor. Over 75 gallons given through his many decades of generosity.

"You get to actually know the collections staff—that makes it a very pleasant experience."



John Schwetz
La Mesa

One simple request and John started donating blood. Three decades later and
he's at 135 gallons.

"I was asked to donate for a baby back in my hometown of Chicago. I've been donating since then."



Alexandria Erxleben
La Mesa

Gallon blood donor and SDBB employee, Alexandria makes time to donate platelets whenever possible.

"I love being able to donate platelets and know that I am helping save the lives of babies in the NICU or cancer warriors needing transfusions. It's truly an amazing feeling to give life to others."